medi(t)ations, (re)conciliations
medi(t)ations, (re)conciliations
Conflict Resolution and European Integration

Ecumenical Anthology III
WSCF Central European Subregion
Edited by Rebecca BLOCKSOME, NAGYPÁL Szabolcs & Peter ŠAJDA
BGÖI & WSCF-CESR, Bratislava, 2004.

Peter ŠAJDA – NAGYPÁL Szabolcs – Rebecca BLOCKSOME: The Art of the Master Carpenter

Conflict Resolution in Society
Pete HÄMMERLE: Peace Building and Reconciliation in Divided Societies
Claudia KAPPACHER: The Concept of Mediation
Susannah SCHMIDT: Review of Justice and Reconciliation: The Legacy of Indian Residential Schools and the Journey Toward Reconciliation
SZŐNYI László Gyula: Resolution of Post-War Social Conflicts: The Case of Törökbálint
Ankica DRAGIN: No-Small-Issues World: EHO YRM-CBC Project, a Reconciliation Experience
Orinta ŽVIKAITE-RÖTTING: Generation Gap: Resolving Conflicts Between Generations
HOCHMAN Ágnes: Scarf and Scales: Variations on Probation Order in the History of Juvenile Penal Law

Growing EU: Hopes and Fears
KÖRMÖCZI-KOVÁCS Péter: EU Membership: A Mixed Blessing?
SPALLER Endre: The Political and Economic Transition in Hungary
Zuzana MOGYOROSIOVÁ: A Slovak Perspective on European Integration
Marián KUNA: God, Christian Values and the European Constitution: Should the Latter Refer to the Former and Why?

Theology and Art of Reconciliation
John George HUBER: An Ongoing Faith and Order Initiative in Defining the Ecumenical Goal
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia - NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: The Day of Jezreel: Ecumenical Implications of Old Testament Conflict Resolution
Ján MIHÁLIK: Three Intrareligious Challenges to Interreligious Dialogue
Henrik Lindberg HANSEN: The Meaningful Truth of God
Peter ŠAJDA: Excessive Fixation as a Source of Unbalance in Relationships (Illustrated with Soren KIERKEGAARD's Theory of Personality Development Stages)
Rebecca BLOCKSOME: The Art of War and Peace: Theories of Creativity and Conflict Resolution
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: Artistic Creativity and Christian Spirituality

Summaries - Czech, German, Magyar, Polish and Slovak