Ecumenical Spirituality: Roots and Fruits
Mozaik 10.
Ecumenical Spirituality: Roots and Fruits

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Diversity in Spiritual Cultures

On the Path
Henrik Lindberg HANSEN: My Life is my Prayer: Spiritual Ethics
Borut ŠKODLAR: The Soul and the Psyche: Religious Experience and Psychopathology
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia: Crossroads on the Path. Encompassing Culture and Faith Tradition in Ecumenical Liturgies

Getting Back the Hundredfold
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: The Paradox of the Four Emptying-out Beatitudes
Peter ŠAJDA: Gamaliel's Advice or the Spirit of Detachment
Dimitri OIKONOMOU: Christian Fasting
Andrzej RASZYK: Walk through the Forest

Water for the Roots
Samuel Moreno MANRIQUE: Harmony in Diversity - That is Unity
JoAnne Chung Yan LAM: Venturing Outside the Lines
Kim Sung RAN: Interreligious Enrichment in Korean Culture

Common Prayer
Elisabeth KRARUP: How Deep are the Common Roots? Reflections upon WCC's Framework for Common Prayer
Peter CIACCIO: A Protestant Comment on the WCC Framework
Nadzeya CHERKAS: An Orthodox Comment on the WCC Framework. An Interview with Pavel Bubnov
Kate WILSON: A Lovers' Quarrel? A Roman Catholic Comment on the WCC Framework

Biblical Role Models
Daniela Lucia RAPISARDA: Body, Mind and Tears: When Jesus Meets me as a Whole
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: The Person who Said 'No' but still Went. Affirmations and Negations
Suzanna VERGOUWE: Art and Faith: Ruth and David, People who Never Met, Or?