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Mozaik 12.
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Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Abstract and Transcendental

Daniela Lucia RAPISARDA: Facing the Dualism of Religion and Culture: Unveiling the Impact of Dualism on Power Structures
Eva-Sibylle VOGEL-MFATO: Racism as a Violent Structure which Shapes Everyday Life: How do we Continually Cope?
Gyrid GUNNES: In Defence of Dualisms: In Search of a Theology of Political and Social Awareness
Torsten MORITZ: Identity and Integration: Overcoming Dualistic Thinking in Dealing with the "Other"
Sören ASMUS: I am More than you Think: Fragments and Diversity within Oneself

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Is Ecumenism all about Grey? Dynamics and Methods in the Ecumenical Movement
Henrik HANSEN: Dualism as the Productive Base of Christianity
Bogdan POPESCU: The Dualistic Thought of Augustine of Hippo: A Step towards the Contemporary Thought

Peter CIACCIO: Harry Potter and the Black-and-White Thinking
Zuzana ŠICKOVÁ-MEŠKOVÁ: Abstract Art in the Church
Maria STAMPA: Caterpillar – Chrysalis – Butterfly. The Terrestrial and Celestial Struggles of Opposites in William Blake's Poems and Paintings
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: Miserere: Meditations on Psalm 51

Policy Paper
World Student Christian Federation - Europe Region (WSCF-E): Policy Paper for the Years 2003-2005 (As Approved by the European Regional Assembly, Åland, Finland, October 2003)