On Interreligious Dialogue: From Hostility to Hospitality
Mozaik 14.
On Interreligious Dialogue: From Hostility to Hospitality

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Opening Dams and Gates

Talking through the Word
Martin CONWAY: One Christian's View of Interreligious Dialogue
Mogens AMSTRUP: Interreligious Dialogue, Multiculturality and Multireligiousness
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Conversion and Salvation in Interreligious Dialogue
Eva VALVO: European Identity and Interreligious Dialogue
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia: Liturgical Revolution of Interreligious Encounters

Roses of the Garden
Ján MIHÁLIK: Islam and Christianity: Debate or Dialogue?
BAKOS T. Gergely OSB: Mystical Theology as a Way to Dialogue?
Bogdan POPESCU: The Fall of Constantinople: Orthodox Prejudices Towards the Muslim World
Editorial Board of Confronti: Examples of Day-to-Day Interreligious Work: The Confronti Experience
Martin SMEDJEBACK: Review of Nonviolence and Peace Building in Islam: Theory and Practice by Mohammed ABU-NIMER
Henrik Lindberg HANSEN: The Garden of God

Thorny Issues
OROVA Csaba: Commitment: to Truth or Identity?
Josue Soares FLORES: Afro-Brazilian Religions: Dialogue, Coexistence and Peace
Heike ERNSTING: Strangers in the Sanctuary: Eucharistic Hospitality in Interreligious Dialogue
Peter CIACCIO: Are Religion and Satire Mutual Taboos? A Comment on the Life of Brian