Human Rights: A Gender Perspective
Mozaik 15.
Human Rights: A Gender Perspective

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

Peter ŠAJDA: Not to Mention

Eilidh WHITEFORD: Women and Human Rights - How Much Progress Have We Made?
Bogdan POPESCU: Human Rights in Early Christian Writings
Thorsten NILGES: Gender Inequality in Politics
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Partnership of Women and Men in the Ecumenical Movement
David BALL: Gender Empires: Personal, Spiritual, Political
Esohe AGHATISE: Women Trafficking from West Africa to Europe: Cultural Dimensions and Strategies
Orinta ŽVIKAITE-RÖTTING: Cinderella Chooses an Exchange Programme: Au-pairs from the Gender Perspective
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia: The Liturgical Revolution of the Feminist Movement
Pablo Romo CEDANO: Cleaning Up Our Memory
Jamie MORAN: The Damonic God
Kate WILSON: Ruth Rouse (1872-1956) "Mission and Ecumenism Are Inseparable"
Jana JURÁNOVÁ & Peter ŠAJDA: Can Women Writers Further the Cause of Human Rights?
Hanna TERVANOTKO: Sinful or Sacred? Women in the Genealogy of the Gospel According to Matthew
Angharad JONES: Facing God - Facing One Another