Towards a New Culture of Education
Mozaik 16. (Vol. X, 2005/2)
Towards a New Culture of Education

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

Peter ŠAJDA: The Courage to Search for New Meanings of Old Things

Study and Renewal
Kalina NIKOLOVA: John Chrysostom on Education
Irenej Maroš FINTOR: The Role of Study in the Dominican Tradition
Bogdan POPESCU: Does Europe Need Religious Education?
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: The Edification of Community: Education and Ecumenical Renewal
Ulla UTTRUP: Nathan Söderblom

Development in Context
Serge TANKEU KESSEU: Higher Education in Africa: Context and Prospects
Adèle Djomo NGOMEDJE: Education in the Context of Poverty and Inequality
George ASANTE: Women and Education for Accelerated National Development: The Ghanaian Situation
Jennifer MÜLLER: Progress

Culture of Integration
Myroslava MYTSAK: The Myth of Europa: Europe as Intellectual Construction
Kristin NICKEL: From Segregation to Integration: An Alternative Approach to Education Among Roma
Louk BOX: The Great Transformation in Higher Education–Into Something Rich and Strange?
Suzanna VERGOUWE: We Have More Lives than a Cat: An Eclectic Essay on Culture, Education and Being a World Citizen
Student Declaration of the UNESCO Ninth Collective Consultation on Higher Education
Karl-Adolf BAUER: The Miracle of the Spirit and Her Gifts
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia: Liturgy for the Opening of the School Year