Faces of Modern Poverty
Mozaik 17. (Vol. XI, 2006/1)
Faces of Modern Poverty

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

Peter ŠAJDA: The Neighbour in Need

The "System" of Modern Poverty
Alessia PASSARELLI: A Place to Call Home
Hanna Kaarina TERVANOTKO: Poverty Suits Her Well: A Meditation on Modern Poverty, Empire and Christians
Anna GERHARDT: Emmaus Communities in France: A New Chance for the Poor in a Rich Country
John George HUBER: A Scenic Experience of Christian Unity: On the Way to the World Council of Churches in Brazil
Thorsten NILGES: Poverty Reduction and Human Rights
Eva DRLIČKOVÁ - Vladislav KAPUTA: Doing Fair and Responsible Business: Institutionalisation of Business Ethics in Slovakia
Interview: Liam PURCELL & Peter ŠAJDA - The Zeitgeist in Movement

Envisioning Justice and Equality
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Pioneer, Architect and Mastermind: John Raleigh Mott (1865-1955)
Bogdan POPESCU: Saint John Chrysostom: The Father of Liberation Theology
Rebecca BLOCKSOME: What's the Matter with Matter? A Literary Investigation into the Nature of the Cosmos
Roman KRÁLIK: The Social Dimension of Kierkegaard's Ethics: Kierkegaard's Understanding of the Term "Neighbour"
Martin SMEDJEBACK: Three Questions about Two Extremists
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia: The Homo Socio-Spiritualis in Ecumenical Liturgies
Jooa VUORINEN: What if God Was One of Us?