Faces of Modern Poverty
Mozaik 18. (Vol. XI, 2006/2)
Religion & Society

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

Peter ŠAJDA: The Clash and the Cure

The Challenge of Status Quo
Illa KULBICKI: Prison for Hedgehogs: 7 Days of Solidarity Vs. Cruelty in Akrestsina Prison
Miriam Diez BOSCH: Spain: The Ambivalence of a "Catholic" Country
Jovanie Serge TANKEU KEUSSEU: Youth - Empire: Our Crisis... Our Mission!
Rosie VENNER: Empire, Religion and Society: Reflections from the 2006 WSCF Inter-regional Conference in Nairobi, Kenya
Olga ISRAEL: Inter-religious Dialogue in Europe Today
Henrietta SZOVATI: The Concept of Society in Islam
Iva BERANEK: War and Peace Start in People's Hearts: On a Spirituality of Reconciliation
Rachael WEBER: "Representative"

Courage to Take Stance
Bogdan Ioan POPESCU: From Constantinople to Geneva: The Symphonic Cooperation between Church and State
Roman KRÁLIK: The Dichotomy of Church and State in the Works of Søren Kierkegaard
Étienne DUPRÉ: The Spiritus Rector of Roman Catholic Ecumenism: Yves Congar (1904-1995)
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Finding Meaning in Modern Society: Theological Insights of Viktor Emil Frankl
Bulcsú KÁL HOPPÁL: What is and what is not Religious Tolerance? (In) a phenomenological approach
Rikko VOORBERG: When Asked to Do the Impossible: Biblestudy and Reflection on the "Rich Young Man"
Eva Marie ØSTERLIND: A Time Pocket