Europe - Latin America: 500 Years Ahead
Mozaik 2 (Vol. I, 1992/2)
Europe – Latin America: 500 Years Ahead

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region
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Michael FEAKES: Time to Listen (Editorial)

Bede SMITH: Remembering 1492: On the Underside of History
Ian HARVEY-PITTAWAY: I Come like a Beggar
Frank SØRENSEN: Looking 500 Years Ahead
Hilde P. SALVESEN: What can Quito Tell us? Some Impressions from a Conference
Ingrid VOLL: Attacking the Fortress
Jos KOFIJBERG: Refugees and the Future of Europe (ESG Conference, Berlin 1991)
Rut HARVEY: Whose Borders Anyway? (CEC Assembly, Prague 1992)
Frank SØRENSEN: Life: Could Do Better? (Nordic Summer Meeting 1992)
Michael FEAKES: Russian Days and Moscow Nights (Syndesmos Assembly 1992)
Ruth HARVEY: Ecumenism in a Multi-Coloured World (Programmatic Working Group 1991-93)
Frank SØRENSEN – Renato DEL PRIORE – Donatella ROSTAGNO: The Latin Project – Phantom of the Region?
KOVÁCS Mihály – Caroline STERN: Training for the Future (Eastern Europe Project)
WSCF-Europe News - National Movement Reports