Mozaik 20. (Vol. XII, 2007/2)

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region

Perspectives on Migration
Alessia PASSARELLI: People on the move
Dr. Annemarie DUPRÉ: What role does religion play in the migration process?
Michael KNOCH: The Spirituality of African Prophetic Churches
Darrell JACKSON: The impact of migration on European Identity
Serge Tankeu KEUSSEU: God, our Leader

If I were a migrant
Ward KINT: 'Of princesses and immigration problems'
Sören ASMUS: Where would we end up?
Christine CARGILL: Humanity and Community

WSCF in Focus
Sonja KOSUNEN: Migration - Interregional Reflections
Torbjørn ASMUS: "We are all sons and daughters of a wandering Aramean"
Report from the Magyar Student Christian Movement (KÖD)
Anastasia GKITSI: The Humanity Poem

Last Things
UDPS Liturgy