The Powers that Be
Mozaik 25.
The Powers that Be

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region
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The Powers that Be
Markus OJAKOSKI - Would Jesus Run for Parliament or Lead a Protest?
Jomar CUARTERO - The Sovereign Power versus the Christian Power
Marta Helena GUSTAVSSON - The Protestant Guilt: On Subjectivity and the Market from an Ecumenical Perspective
Dr. Peter LODBERG - Church and State through History
Margriet WESTERS - Rather Turkish than Papist?: Dutch Debates on Religious Diversity
Janko STEFANOV - Peaceful Life in a Land of War: Religion and the Balkan Conflicts
Liturgy: Rosie VENNER - "I am Making All Things New"
From the Archives: Jean-François DELTEIL - Commitment to Community Building: A Primary Task for the Federation in Europe

Matthew GARDNER - The Exception Becomes the Rule
Lawrence MASHUNGU - Being Church in a Nation in Crisis

Religious Freedom
Statement on Religious Freedom from WSCF Europe Lingua Franca
Geraldine FAGAN - Forum 18 News Service: A Journalist Monitoring Religious Freedom
Meditation: Free to Worship - A Lectio Divina