Climate Justice Now
Mozaik 27.
Climate Justice Now

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region
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Statement – Climate Justice Now

anne DALE HAUGER – The Good Girl? The story of a hungry woman trying to live sustainably
Marta GUSTAVSSON – On Politics and Piety
Nick SCHUURMAN – Faith in the Furrow: Farming as devotion
Mattias IRVING – Something That Unites Us

Jonathan WIKSTEN – COP 15
David MASTERS – Divided Loyalties: Ecumenism or the environment?
Aileen FEW – Exhausting Our Natural Resources
Resource – Universal Day of Prayer for Students – A liturgy on climate justice

Nikos KOSMIDIS – Climate Change - A Story of the Present: WCC Living Letters to the Pacific Churches
Rev.Dr.Peter PAVLOVICˇ – Recognition of the Gift of Creation as a Motivation for Climate Justice
Resource – A Prayer
Siarhei YUSHKEVICH – Ecological Imperative: A response to the ecological challenge in Eastern Europe
Victor Liza JARAMILLO – Climate Change and the General Election in Peru

Katka BABICOVÁ – Poverty, Wealth and Ecology
Márta SINKÓ – A Recipe for Environmentalism
Stanislau PAULAU – A Magic Window of Scottish Theology
From the Archives: Anna FRALING – Women and Ecology: The fascist potential of some feminist theories
World Student Christian Federation's Water Justice Campaign