Living in a World of Technology
Mozaik 28.
Living in a World of Technology

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region
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Marta GUSTAVSSON – Body, God and the Internet Other
David MASTERS – Life Unplugged: Reconnecting with Your Deeper Self
Simon STEVENS – Who is My Virtual Neighbour?
From the Archives: Christine LEDGER – The Ideology of Science

Piotr SZELAG – Uncovering Realities
Marek IGNACIUK – Does the Development of Technology Bring Us Closer to God?
Annelies VAN DE STEEG – The Face of God on Facebook?!

David MASTERS – Bible Study
Natalia MYKYTEI and Vladyslav VLASOV – Workshop: Media: An Alternative Truth
Maximilian KARRASCH and Gabor NEMET – Workshop:

When I was Young a Blackberry was 'Just' a Fruit
Worship from "Living in a World of Technology" Conference
From the Archives: Questionnaire

Katka BABICOVÁ – WSCF at Kirchentag-Heartbeat Youth Congress
Paweł PUSTELNIK – Global Education? Sure!
Pavlina MANAVSKA – A Few Thoughts about Technology
IEPC Report – Young Christians Share Church's Witness of Peace