Ecumenism and Orthodox Youth
Mozaik 5. (Vol. III, 1994/1)
Ecumenism and Orthodox Youth

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region
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Torsten MORITZ: Accepting the Differences (Editorial)

Gruia JACOTA: Present Challenges and Future Hopes (Consultation on Orthodox Youth, Värska 1994)
Sören ASMUS – Albrecht KASPER: Challenge and Hope. Report of the Protestant Observers (Consultation on Orthodox Youth, Värska 1994)
Stelios PAPALEXANDROPOULOS: Ecumenism and WSCF: Assessment and Proposals (Big E, Woudschoten 1993)
Daniela Lucia RAPISARDA: Progetto Albania: A Few Things about Albania
Marian STUIVER – Evelyne BAILLERGEAU – Marjan HANRATH: The Most Exciting Committee in the World: the New ERC! (1993-95)
Marian STUIVER: Christian Women Meet, Experience and Change (Women's Working Group 1993-95)