Is Death Alive among Students?
Mozaik 6. (Vol. IV, 1998/1)
Is Death Alive among Students?

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region
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Tim WOODCOCK: Editorial

Jan Jaap VAN OOSTERZEE: Is Death Alive among Students?
Gruia JACOTA: "Although she is Called Death she will Teach you about Life": An Orthodox Perspective
Tim WOODCOCK: Creations Myths: It's all Greek to me (Prometheus' Crime) – An Aboriginal Story (The Birth of the Butterflies)
Kathryn ALLAN – Tim WOODCOCK: Interview with Barnaby MILNE
Metropolitan EMILIANOS: The Future ain't What it Used to be (Ecumenism)
Nick THOMPSON: From the Outside In (New Zealand)
Jiří SIBRT: Tale of Two Cities (Glasgow and Prague)
Timothy ROSE: Loose Connections! (An American in Beirut)
Anders WESSLUND: Why – in Heaven's Name – Continue the Work of Kriss?
Corrie VAN DER VEN: Just another Manic Monday! (A Day in the Life of the Office)
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