Roots of Vision, Routes of Change
Roots of Vision, Routes of Change
Nationalism and Ecumenical Leadership

Ecumenical Anthology VI
WSCF Central European Subregion
Edited by Rachael WEBER, Peter ŠAJDA & NAGYPÁL Szabolcs
BGÖI & WSCF-CESR, Budapest-Bratislava, 2007.

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs - Peter ŠAJDA - Rachael WEBER: Routes of Vision, Roots of Change

Overcoming Nationalism, Populism and Xenophobia
Karl-Reinhart TRAUNER: Patriotism versus Nationalism: A Historical Approach
NÉMETH Márton: Nationalism, Xenophobia, Populism and Nation States in the Modern History of Central Europe
Sören ASMUS: The Guilt of Others and the Guilt of One's own People: How can Churches Contribute to Reconciliation through the Plea for Forgiveness?
Peter FOULDS: Xenophobia and the Need for Vigilance
Henrik Lindberg HANSEN: Satirical Cartoons and Strategies of Intercultural Struggle

Ecumenical Leadership
Erzabt VÁRSZEGI Asztrik OSB: Die Christliche Ökumene im Dialog mit Judentum und Islam als Grundlage konstruktiver Zusammenarbeit mit Gesellschaft und Staat in Europa
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Restating the Ecumenical Emphases: A Grassroots Proposal from Princeton
Huub VOGELAAR: Ecumenical Partners and Meetings in Romania after 1989
John George HUBER: Can a Pope and a Patriarch Lead us towards Greater Unity?

Dynamic Choices
Jennifer STILES: A Prophetic Herdsman: Amos's Anti-Establishment Message
Peter ŠAJDA: The Quest for a Holistic Approach to the 'Other' in Kierkegaard's Works of Love
Roman KRÁLIK: The Choice to Act in Faith
Jamie MORAN: Drama as Passion's Action in the World: A Conversation between two Friends

Journeying on Together
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: A Little Girl from a Wild Rose Bush
Rachael WEBER: Looking Forward to the Past
On Eucharistic Sharing: A Statement of the International Ecumenical Fellowship (IEF)
Worship for Overcoming Nationalism, Xenophobia and Populism