The River Book
The River Book
Identity, Culture and Responsibility

Ecumenical Anthology II
WSCF Central European Subregion
Edited by Suzanna VERGOUWE, Peter ŠAJDA & NAGYPÁL Szabolcs
BGÖI & WSCF-CESR, Bialystok, 2003.

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs – Peter ŠAJDA – Suzanna VERGOUWE: Waiting for Floating Pages

Quest for Identity
Dana ČERMAKOVÁ: Identity – Why does it Move us so much?
Kate WILSON: Is Berlin in Central Europe?
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Activating the Latent Angels: WSCF and the Magyar SCM (1895-1930)
Elly RIJNIERSE: Effective Participation of Minorities and Peoples: Cases from Central and Eastern Europe. From 'Government' to 'Governance': From a National Social Contract to a Global Social Contract

Ethical Stances in Art
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: Spirituality of Creative Processes in Art
Iva BERANEK: Art: Fantasy or Worldview?
Peter ŠAJDA: Are Ecumenical Novel-Writers the Hope of... (A Study in H. C. ANDERSEN's and S. A. KIERKEGAARD's Discussion on the Importance of a Life-View in a Novel)
Zuzana ŠICKOVÁ-MEŠKOVÁ: Text and Picture in Different Situations
Diana RAUCHOVÁ: Music and Totalitarianism
Aljosa GADZIJEV: Laibach – the Group of Power and Secrets. (Scream of Totalitarism from Central Europe)

Responsibility and Economy
Ivan VOJTASSÁK: Democratisation Processes in the Postcommunist Countries and the Roman Catholic Social Doctrine
Andrzej PAWLUCZUK: Christian and Business Ethics Relevance for Corporate Social Responsibility
Eduard MARCEK: Social Responsibility and Community Involvement of Companies
BORBÉLY Emese: Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Future or Future Business?