Subtle as Serpents, Gentle as Doves
Subtle as Serpents, Gentle as Doves
Equality and Independence

Ecumenical Anthology IV
WSCF Central European Subregion
Edited by Peter ŠAJDA, Rebecca BLOCKSOME & NAGYPÁL Szabolcs
BGÖI & WSCF-CESR, Praha, 2005.

Rebecca BLOCKSOME – NAGYPÁL Szabolcs – Peter ŠAJDA: Towards a Multi-Focal Europe

Subtlety of Self
TÓTH Mihály: The Morality of Self: The Myth of Independency
Karl-Reinhart TRAUNER: The Myth of Independency: Between Self-fulfilment and Misanthropy
Ivan VOJTAŠŠÁK: Experience of Cooperation and Conflict as Reflected in the Vision of Central European Identity in the EU
Kate WILSON: No Place Like Home: A Nation off the Map
Rebecca BLOCKSOME: Image, Essence, Reality: Abstraction and Representation in Mediæval Art

A Flock of Doves
FEDOR Mónika: After Materialism or Before Postmaterialism? The Materialist–Postmaterialist Value Orientation in Hungary
Kristin Maria NICKEL: Inequality in Transition Economies: Sharing the Benefits and Burdens of Post-Communist Change
Jakub Jerzy MACEWICZ: The Air We Breathe: Capitalism and Mythology
Martina NOVÁKOVÁ: Integration of Refugees in Slovakia
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: There Are Many Gifts, but the Same Spirit

Gentle Theology
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Hermeneutics of Intertraditional Dialogue
Martin CONWAY: Christian Unity and Discipleship in WSCF
Cheryl L. THOMSEN: Healing of Memories: Beginning with Forgiveness
John George HUBER: Eucharistic Convergence in Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry
OROVA Csaba: Baptism and Eucharist in an Ecumenical Perspective: For the 40th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council

Serpent as Substrate
Peter ŠAJDA: Religious Neoromanticism as Substrate for Monocultures
Oddbjørn LEIRVIK: Critique of Religion and Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Jamie MORAN: Hard Wakan
Andrzej RASZYK: Father and Son
Adam PRYOR: Am I Going to Hell? Universal Essentialization and its Implications as Applied to the Problem of Soteriological Eschatology