Fullness of Life – Life in Abundance
Student World 248.
Fullness of Life – Life in Abundance

Ecumenical Review
World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

Rebecca BLOCKSOME - NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Talitha Cum: The Promise of Life

Dialogue and Ecumenical Vision
Martin CONWAY: A Tradition for Tomorrow: WSCF One Hundred Years On
Philip POTTER: Touched in Our Entire Condition: The Lives and Times of WSCF
Risto LEHTONEN: Reflections on the Turbulent Sixties in WSCF
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Has the Student Christian Movement a Future?

Knowledge and Education
Bertrand TIENTCHEU: Crises d'Afrique, Crises de nos Intelligences: Penser et Bâtir l'Université Africaine Nouvelle pour la Renaissance de l'Afrique
Serge TANKEU KEUSSEU: De l'Afrique de la mort á l'Afrique de la vie
Adam PRYOR: Clement of Alexandria's Methodological Framework and its Relation to the Biblical Virtues in Light of Concepts of Faith, Knowledge, and Gnosis

Spiritual Abundance
Vasilios THERMOS: I Forgive, Therefore I Am: Forgiveness as Fullness of Life
Jamie MORAN: Six Steps of Passion

States, Globalisation and Economic Justice
Bogdan POPESCU: Constantine the Great and Christianity: Church and State Commingled
Ignacio T. MONZALVO: Pensar teológicamente las alternativas al sistema neoliberal

Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS
Renata ALEXANDRE: Is Sexuality Sacred? A Biblical Connection
Beenish ASIF: Using Art to Encourage Faith-based Discussions about HIV and AIDS
Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA): Understanding AIDS

Liturgies of UDPS 2004
Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS) 2004. Talitha Cum: Arising to Life in Abundance (Mark 5,41)