Gender: Unity and Empowerment
Student World 249.
Gender: Unity and Empowerment

Ecumenical Review
World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Integrity and Mutual Interdependence

Healing Our Brokenness
Martin CONWAY: Dimensions of Christian Unity
Pablo Romo CEDANO: Los Retos de las Teologías en el Contexto Actual
Adam A. J. DEVILLE: On the Healing of Memories
Cathy CHANG: How can a WCC Conference Create an Environment for Dialogue?

Sustaining Humanity
Lukas VISCHER: Human Rights and Sustainability: Two Conflicting Notions?
Ignacio T. MONZALVO: Derechos Humanos, Globalización y Método Teológico
Moatlhudi MOGWERA: HIV: Negating the Message of the Cross

Scriptural Identities
Claudine AHIANYO-KPONDZO: «Ne Crains Point, Demeure Debout!»
Leslie G. WOODS: Maternal Images of God in Second and Third Isaiah
Moumita BISWAS: Various Identities of Hagar

Partnership and Empowerment
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Humanity, Solidarity, Morality and Partnership
Bertrand TIETCHEU: Being Woman and Man in Africa Today
Serge TANKEU KEUSSEU: Genre et Pouvoir dans le Contexte Africain
Ashit N. CHANDARIA: Women's Empowerment Through Group Economic and Educative Activities

A Safer Haven
Sunita SUNA: Challenges to Overcome Violence Against Women
Carla KHIJOYAN: Un Regard sur la Violence contre la Femme au Moyen Orient
Gillian MCLEAN: A Dangerous Journey: The Impact of Violence on One Woman's Life

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