A Just Life or just life ?
Mozaik 22. (Vol. XIII, 2008/2)
A Just Life or just life ?

Ecumenical Journal
WSCF Europe Region


A Just Life or just life ?
Rachael WEBER: Narcolepsy
Markus SIDOROFF: Approaching Globalisation
Peter PAVLOVIC: Globalisation and Justice - Contradictory Forces?
Sarah PILLAR: Reflections - Connections with the Natural World
Rosie VENNER: The Discourse of Debt: Who owes who?
James TREWBY: Campaigning and Development Education
John HICK: Reflections - The Global Ethic
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: The Agape Document (2005) and the Development of an Ecumenical Doctrine of Economy
Katerina PEKRIDOU: Eucharist - The Sacrament of Reconciliation and Justice
Matt GARDNER: Reflections - The Freedom of Radical Obedience

Roderick MORGAN & Jooa VUORINEN: Play Shadows of an Unsettling Reality - A Fairtrade Roleplay
Molly Scott Cato & Richard Bickle : Interview - The Father of Co-operation

WSCF in Focus
Zuzanna BABICOVA: WSCF Calls for Prophetic Voices in Our World
Mari THEKAEKARA: A Just Change - Adivasi Tea Project

Last Things
Klas CORBELIUS: Is God Political - Notes on a Theology for the Survival of the Earth

Survival of the Earth
Lead Kindly Light - An Examination of Conscience