A Pentatonic Landscape
A Pentatonic Landscape
Central Europe, Ecology, Ecumenism

Ecumenical Anthology I
WSCF Central European Subregion
Edited by NAGYPÁL Szabolcs & Peter ŠAJDA
BGÖI & WSCF-CESR, Budapest, 2002.

Peter ŠAJDA – NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Nothing's lost. Or?

I. Ecology and Environment
Learning to Care: Christianity and Ecology
Daniel PASTIRČÁK: To Own, to Surrender and to Administrate: Christianity and Ecology
Halvard JOHANNESSEN: Learning to Care: Theology and the Ecological Crisis
Krzysztof LESNIEWSKI: Care about the World of Creatures: Orthodox Environmental Insights
ROZS-NAGY Szilvia: Interconnected Relations in Ecofeminism

Managing to Live: The Culture of Environment
Roman JURIGA: Eco-Management as a Necessity for Responsible Caring and Sustainable Living
RIHAY Zsuzsa: Energies of Renewal
Slávka BELANOVÁ: Permaculture as an Ecological Alternative

II. Central Europe and Ecumenism
Positive Stories: Past and Present in Central Europe
Ján MILCINSKY: Modern History of Central Europe: What we Have in Common
Peter ŠAJDA: Motivational Factors of Region-Building and Region-Deconstruction
BERETZKY Ágnes: British Confederation Plans concerning Central and Eastern Europe (1939-1945)
Antoni MIRONOWICZ: National Minorities in Poland Today The Option of Dialogue: Ecumenism in Central Europe

The Option of Dialogue: Ecumenism in Central Europe
NAGYPÁL Szabolcs: Ecumenical Dialogue as a Methodology for Central Europe
Kate WILSON: Klejnot swobodnego sumnienia – the Jewel of Freedom of Conscience: Churches together in Central Europe after the Reformation
Jirí SIBRT: Potential Roots and Options for Being Ecumenical (with a Special Focus on the Czech Lands)